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Dragon Scales Twitch Badges | Digital Download

Dragon Scales Twitch Badges | Digital Download

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These designs are sold as they are shown in the image, they are NOT made to order! This is a digital file, you will be able to download the .zip files after payment.

☾∘∙⊱ Comes in all the colors seen in the display image
☾∘∙⊱ Comes in 6 sizes each, 112x112, 72x72, 56x56. 36x36, 28x28 and 18x18
☾∘∙⊱ Images are .png with transparent backgrounds

After purchase, you can;
☾∘∙⊱ Use them for Twitch emotes, Sub badges, channel points, Discord emotes, Discord stickers, Discord role icons.

Terms of usage:
☾∘∙⊱ I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations
☾∘∙⊱ Do not claim the art as your own
☾∘∙⊱ Do not redistribute these emojis to anyone who has not purchased them
☾∘∙⊱ Do not edit or redistribute the files
☾∘∙⊱ Please do not re-sell them in any form
☾∘∙⊱ You are only purchasing the right to use them on Twitch, youtube, and/or Discord


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