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Wolf Emote Base Pack | Canine Emote Base Pack | Digital Download

Wolf Emote Base Pack | Canine Emote Base Pack | Digital Download

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Edit your own character in this Canine emote pack!

Product Details:
☾∘∙⊱ Includes PSD file. PNG files are not included
☾∘∙⊱ Includes ten(10) stickers with lines and color on organized folders
☾∘∙⊱ Emotes are sized as 500x500 at 600dpi

☾∘∙⊱ This base requires the use of a photo editing or art illustration software to use, such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. Not GIMP or MSpaint compatible. Free alternatives include Krita or Fire Alpaca.

☾∘∙⊱ These files are available to recolor & edit for personal use only! The emote files are currently not available for commercial use.

☾∘∙⊱ ❗ Please note that purchase of this item is NOT a purchase of a commission, or a service to be rendered by the shop owner. Purchase of lineart items are intended to be filled out and used by the purchaser.

☾∘∙⊱ Please credit me as the creator of the base when you use it

☾∘∙⊱ Editing, coloring, & modifying the files. (such as adding horns)
☾∘∙⊱ Coloring while streaming.
☾∘∙⊱ You may use them for personal Wallpapers, Icons, Headers, Emojis, Twitch channels, etc.
☾∘∙⊱ Recoloring for a friend (Not as a commission).

Restrictions/Not Allowed:
☾∘∙⊱ Recoloring these stickers as commissions or donations.
☾∘∙⊱ Reselling this art as merchandise.
☾∘∙⊱ Redistributing the files without permission.

Refunds will not be issued for misunderstanding the above terms

If you have any issues at all, please email me at OR contact me on discord [ MAWbomb ]


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