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YCH Tamagotchi Shaker | Physical Shaker Charm!

YCH Tamagotchi Shaker | Physical Shaker Charm!

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This is a CUSTOM product! Email your character reference to , or contact me through discord/telegram at mawbomb !

Custom Tamogatchi Shaker charm of your character!

☾∘∙⊱ Single side epoxy (glitter is optional)
☾∘∙⊱ Approximately 4''

☾∘∙⊱ Up to 5 additional shakers alongside character

Order can take up to 6 weeks to complete! You will also receive a Digital file of the art work when complete!

Shipping details:
Package details: Package comes with 3 charm sets (manu minimum)
Package is shipped by first class USPS mail in a bubble padded envelope
Delivery times may vary due to manufacturing process

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